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Redline T-Shirt (Michigan) Social Justice Apparel

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We are excited to share our first apparel collection titled REDLINE T-Shirt (Michigan)

This collection highlights HOLC (Home Owners Loan Corp.) redlining maps that aided in the inequitable lending practices targeted at Black communities following President FDR's New Deal in the 1930's. Redlining is a discriminatory practice that denies services, such as loans, insurance, and mortgages, to people who live in certain areas, typically because of their race or ethnicity. This practice was used by the government and banks in the United States to segregate neighborhoods and keep Black people from owning homes in certain areas. Redlining has had a lasting impact on the wealth and economic opportunities of Black Americans. Make a statement with JUSTICE 4 ALL. This inspiring social justice apparel line sparks constructive dialog around racial injustice and inequality. Order Now!

Learn more about redlining here

10% of the profits from this collection's sales will be donated to equitable housing programs. Home-ownership assists in the creation of generational wealth, which ultimately aides in correcting the inequitable practices of redlining.

*For environmental and human friendly reasons, this product is only made when you order it. Typically, this product will be made in about a week, we will send you tracking information as soon as it's in the mail. -Justice 4 All Social Justice Apparel Made Right!