Third Annual Justice 4 All Juneteenth Jam is Happening in Grand Rapids!

Third Annual Justice 4 All Juneteenth Jam Is Happening In Grand Rapids!

Written by Lisha B (WNWZ Magic 104.9)

June is a beautiful month for the Black community.

From Black Music Month to Juneteenth, June is the month that the African-American community chooses to celebrate openly and widely throughout the country.

Don't get it twisted though, we celebrate our Black pride daily. However, there is a special day in June that Black people commemorate for a big reason.


Sit back and relax for a little history lesson!

Juneteenth is the REAL independence day for the Black community in a sense.

The Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture says that:

"Juneteenth marks our country's second independence day. Although it has long been celebrated in the African American community, this monumental event remains largely unknown to most Americans."

If you want to learn more about Juneteenth, here are a few books you can read.

Justice 4 All

Justice 4 All was created and still operated by Julius Rogers.

He started Justice 4 All in 2020 after the toll that the year brought on the Black community. Julius was reminded of the legendary words of James Baldwin, which later ignited the idea for Justice 4 All.

"I can't be a pessimist because I am alive. To be a pessimist means that you have agreed that human life is an academic matter. So, I am forced to be an optimist. I am forced to believe that we can survive, whatever we must survive."

Justice 4 All is an apparel company that was established with the sole mission and purpose to challenge, provoke, and disrupt America's post-racial fallacy.

Justice 4 All Juneteenth Celebration

The Justice 4 All Juneteenth Jam Vol. 3 is happening on Saturday, June 17th from 1:00 PM until 5:00 PM at Rosa Parks Circle in downtown Grand Rapids!

Do not worry about needing to pay because the jam is FREE to the public. This celebration is all about celebrating Blackness!

Black art!

Black entertainment!

Black culture!

Black experience!

Plus, this year, a special experience is happening for the first time:


This element of the event will commemorate the 50th anniversary of Hip-hop! Dancers will compete for a $500 grand prize and a Top 16 slot in the One on One: Midwest Breakin' Battle ( 1 Vs. 1) hosted by the One Peace Hip Hop Festival 2023 on 8/13, where competitors will have a chance to win up to $2000!

This is a family affair! There will be live performances by local Grand Rapids artists and DJs. Businesses will be showcased and games will be for the whole family.

Plus, I (Lisha B) will be one of the event emcees. So you know it will be a good time if I am out there.

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